Sunday, March 27, 2016

Family - Gotta Love Them!

Easter[i] Weekend!  Time for a family dinner!

How will you spend your holiday meal? Hearing a detailed description of a recent surgical procedure?  Or wishing that at least one family member would turn off a cell phone and start a conversation? Or maybe you will be in a foxhole.

Family.  Gotta love them. And we do - through thick and thin.  

So today I would like to share a prayer for all of us:

Dear Lord, bless our families this Easter. Help me remember that You chose them to be family to me. Give me a loving spirit for the difficult times, a short memory for hurts, a loyalty that holds each one close always, and forgiveness for those times that nothing less will do. Help me to remember that, in your wisdom, families are forever. Help me to follow your perfect example of unconditional love for my family – this day and always.  Amen
*        *        *
Have a Blessed Easter with your one-of-a-kind family! 

And for the record, I will be missing those foxhole stories.

[i] Not so fast, my Jewish friends – Passover will be here soon!!

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